Who’s Avião

My name is Emanuele, Italian native, capoeirista and eternal dreamer with a constant growing spirit of discovering what is outside my window. As an Asimov fan, I always look for something beyond the normal view of life. Dreaming new worlds to discover and cultures to understand. 

I lived in Bray, near Dublin, where I studied English for some months and started to write stories between pints and serving tables. After an intense academic period in which numbers, constants and root squares were my routine I moved to Paris where I worked and learnt French. Milano is my hometown but somehow it always makes me run away.

In the early summer of 2014 I gave up on everything and with a backpack on my shoulders I traveled the eastern part of the world. Back in town I resisted few months before taking another airplane to the place where I bet my life: Shanghai. A brand new adventure ahead in the “middle land“ where everything is possible but nothing is easy.

But what is Avião? it is my capoeira nickname, which in Portuguese means Airplane.

The Avião Experience is my adventurous life behind a lens, watching and describing the world as I live it with the emotions it is able to give me through the power of words.




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